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About Us:

bWg, is an innovative company with primary goals, Simple Products..Simple Solutions

bWg, is currently promoting a New Product, "Browns Wire Guides" we believe it to be the TOOL for the self employed Electrician or for the large contractors

to use for dispensing wire from a Spool without Tangling or Spool Jumping and Reducing Labor Cost.


bWg, manufactures its "Browns Wire Guides" here in the USA, made from the Americas Best SteeL material...Sold in three standard sizes & Special made sizes to fit Exclusively for your Brand of Choice Wire (prices are subject to change for special orders).


bWg, goal is to promote "Browns Wire Guides" as New Way to pay-off wire from All Wire Racks and Wire Carts...its our goal to help get the Job Done by eliminating Spool/Reel Troubles, which is the most viable  and widely  used method of Dispensing Premium Wire from a Spool.

bWg, has  a list of  Wire Spool Products to come...we look forward to  helping you pull wire !

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